Email Marketing

Email Marketing Strategy

Do you recieve mail from a store you've recently shopped with online? If yes, I am 90% sure that at some point you've clicked through the link sent to you via the email, I put it to that is a successful email marketing strategy.
Creating an email marketing strategy that works required two major factors, which are:
  • Excellent email campaign setup using the right tools like mailchimp and aweber this email marketing tycoons have been in the business for a very long time and these are the tools we rely in creating a bespoke email marketing campaign
  • Content, have you heard the saying, content is king? Yes, content is king and guess what the queen is? Consistency. This section needs professional to help you handle it and put the tools to good use that's why we're at your service.

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We're sure you want to know what how we get this done, right? Here:
Marketing Strategy
Creating a strategy after an your goal is set is very paramount and the essence of strategy is choosing what not to do, we follow this principle to the letter without hesitation.
Template Design
Part of the strategy is creating an amazing template design that we will use for your business to make sure the tone is the same across all platform.
Tracking & Reporting
Creating an easy to understand progress report is very essential and crucial to every project, this report will help you understand what we ae doing at every step of the way
Marketing Campaigns
Your campaigns need to offer something way better than your competitors, we need to carry out SWOT analysis so that we can be a step ahead of them.